Chef Adrianne Calvo will be taking her signature Maximum Flavor style under the sea! Redfish by Chef Adrianne serves as a rebirth of the famous Redfish Grill inside the historic Matheson Hammock Park.

After years of traveling across the United States’ seafood capitals and the French Riviera, immersing herself in various cultures and learning from actual fishermen, Chef Adrianne has created a menu that mixes new American seafood with traditional fish house classics. What’s more, Redfish by Chef Adrianne will feature an extensive beer, wine, and whiskey library, to go along with craft cocktails designed by the chefs instead of mixologists, ultimately elevating the dining experience. With the opening of Redfish by Chef Adrianne, patrons will once again head into Matheson Hammock Park looking to enjoy the only waterfront restaurant in Coral Gables. Only this time, they’ll experience Maximum Flavor!